A little about me and a little about this site

A little about me

Hi everyone, I’m Kara. I’m a Silicon Valley native who is still a resident of this wonderful, kind, and innovative place. I attended UC San Diego for my education where I received an education in maths, computer science, and chemistry. Ideas and passion easily fascinate me so you’ll often find me going on binges of books, documentations, collected data, and asking a barrage of questions to the nearest person whose eyes are lit with passion.

A little about this site

I thought it’d be a good idea to have a place to host/index (software) “toys” I build so that they may have a place to live rather than be hopelessly forgotten.

There are also some things I strongly feel about so it just seems more satisfactory to shout out into the void than to hold these ideas and opinions to myself. In addition I often have to convince myself about certain things or to demonstrate I learned (something about) a particular topic. Verbalizing is one of the best ways I know how. This site’s blog is a manifestation of these two and I hope anyone out there reading will find some interest or enjoyment from what I write.

A little about this site (technical)

This site is statically generated using Hugo and graciously hosted for free through Github Pages. The theme is something I made and is named after a beautiful cat named Mila. For all the major styling, I’m using Bootstrap. The fonts used are Ramabhadra for the hero images and titles while all the content font is Archivo Black.

How to contact

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